Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Church Financial Review, Sick Kids and Web Development

Wow. The last few days have been flat out. In between sick kids nd working for clients I have also completed the full software installation of 1 PC, transferred settings from 3 PCS, Jude got a new one and her settings and email etc were migrated from her old one. Miranda got Jude's old one and her settings and email etc were migrated from her old one and Jadeen needed a user account and email and msn etc set up on Miranda's old PC which is now hers. I bought a new desk for Jadeen, and we have set their PCS up in the school room now. I have also upgraded my PC to Office 2003 (so far successfully). I have started a mailout list for the Excel Tips Blog for those who can't use XML subscriptions. There is also a lot more to do to that site and I need to continue the development on the other new sites.
I also spent time working on the Church Financial Review that I am involved in, subbed for Jude in looking after kids, published and mailed out Jono's Monthly newsletter and had a half hour nap on the couch!

Now its nose back to the grindstone. Its good to be busy though. I was saying to a friend last night that I don't think I could ever do 'nothing'. What about you?