Monday, October 04, 2004


Today was an awesome day of achievement. Being the last Sunday of the school holidays our church didn't have Sunday School and so we stayed at home and had Sunday School at home.
We looked at the missionary voyage of Paul briefly, and then looked at emails from my sister who is a missionary in Paraguay, my brother Jono who is a missionary in Ukraine and some of our other missionary friends also in Ukraine who have kids roughly the same age as our girls. We then built missionary boats (like Paul used) out of the top of egg cartons. These were painted by the girls, then I helped them affix the mast (toilet paper roll) and sail (triangle of stiff paper). The boats were tested at bath time and successfully negotiated the rough waters. I think Erin's boat was sunk and salvaged and Miranda feared damage and so didn't launch hers at all. I will post some pictures tomorrow.
I also completed a LARGE amount of web development to get the pages you see here up and running, including the Excel tips Blog. This week I plan to get two or three more blogs up and running.
Finally I posted a gorgeous picture of a crocus (I think) on our photo archive.