Sunday, January 16, 2005

Home from the LAN and awake!

30 hour LAN's are a pretty intense time. The good thing about them is that you are not rushed and you tend to get your fill of gaming for a while. They are also a good bonding time for the guys and girls (yes we have girls come!) who are there. We use it as an extension of our ministry in the church as a way of developing relationships. From there we can invite people to home groups and church.
There is a full write up on the LAN on the KROSTech website.

Today we kicked around the house in the heat and then decided to go to the beach for dinner. It was very relaxing to have a Sunday with no stress and rush. A much needed break.

This week I am off to the coal mines again (literally) for some more work. Back to dialup access only while I am away (boohoo).

We have also finally booked the tickets for the "Family Reunion". We are going to NZ in April to reunite all my siblings with their parents. There are mum and dad, 6 of us and four spouses and 8 grandkids so far. Will be fun.