Sunday, January 02, 2005

Riding the Warrior

The Warrior is a JOY to ride!
I am having a blast on it.

Criticisms first.
Ground clearance on pegs is too low - I am scraping footpegs way below what I feel is safe. The rear tyre is showing no wear for the last 7 to 8 mm because I can't lean that far over.
The front forks feel a little spongy and wobbly during heavy braking from high speed.
The standard muffler restricts the engine a little too much.

Good things.
It sounds FAT!
It is really comfortabe to ride.
Acceleration is smooth and effortless even from under 1000 RPM in top gear. In fact that sounds really good!
Brakes are firm and easy to use. No grabbing.
It corners well. There is no need to wrestle the bike around.
The pillion seat is ok. I took my daughter to church this morning on the bike. She loved it!

On the grass the bike is great fun.
Yesterday we took the PeeWee 50 to Grandmas place because she has a big back yard of grass. I rode the Warrior around also, and found that winding the power on even gently is enough to snap the rear end out on the grass. So doing it on purpose several times I was able to set up a controlled powerslide. I never felt like I was going to lose it. The front end is so far away from the taily rear and it self corrected the slides automatically. I had to force it to get it crossed up further. FUN!

It is possible to lock the rear up on compression when downshifting on the tarmac.

I have lots to learn about the bike but I have to say it is probably the most fun bike I have ever owned. Yes the Blackbird was fun - but scary as well. This beast looks mean but it is as gentle as a lamb!