Friday, January 28, 2005

Shock Horror Federer is out!

I am so annoyed at myself. I went to basketball and was home in time to watch the second half of the second set. Fine - 1 set all and Federer and Safin were settling in for a tough battle. Federer won the 3rd set and I thought now its pretty much plain sailing - he only needs one more. I was feeling a bit sore after a pretty hard workout at basketball, so (big mistake) I lay down on the couch sometime in the 4th set ... and woke at 2:30am. I never even saw the epic struggle in the 5th set but to my dismay upon checking the result Safin won! (Wifey never even woke me when she turned the TV off!)
Now I suppose Lleyton will beat Roddick and then go on to win the final! All my careful planning to help Roger win has gone astray.

Come on Lleyton! He could do it you know.