Friday, January 07, 2005

Tim Hawkins - Generation Changers

I attended the first session of the weekend Cultivation Retreat at church tonight for youth ministry leaders. Tim Hawkins from Sydney is the guest speaker.
He challenged us on being generation changers. Speaking from Psalm 71 he gave us the following 4 decisions that a generation changer makes.

1) I will trust in you alone - Psalm 71:7
Don't be distracted or tempted to trust in anything or anyone else than God - especially when things seem to be going smoothly. This includes the youth pastor, youth strategy and ministries, senior pastor etc.

2) I will be a powerful example - Psalm 71:7
We are an example to the young lives we influence - so be the best possible example.

3) I will never give up - Psalm 71:9
Challenge - Will you stay working with young people long enough to get good at it? (3 years as a minimum)

4) I will proclaim your righteousness alone - Psalm 71:15
The people we work with need to understand our fallacies and our need to repent - that we are not perfect. We need to proclaim God's righteousness alone. Other wise they are set for a crash when their 'hero" falls.

All challenging stuff. I am looking forward to the rest of the weekend.