Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Weekly round up

I am not intending to leave stuff out of here - just that time gets away from me and I end up lumping a whole bunch of unrelated stuff into the same blog entry.

I am travelling - away - not at home. My laptop is not properly configured for remote work and I am missing vital files - that frustrates me - its my own fault - which is more annoying than the actual problem!

On the other hand I am in a guest house in town and I get lots of uninterrupted time (while not at clients) to work on other clients stuff, websites and other projects. I also play a fair bit of sport. Last night I played squash for an hour and a half, tonight soccer for about an hour. Tomorrow we may get a game of AFL in - here's hoping! Tonight the socccer was with mostly university graduates and students. They complimented me on my fitness and football skills which I was happy about. There were many of them who couldn't run as hard or as long as this old fella!

It has been extremely humid here. I got out of the airconditioned car at the mine site this morning and my glasses immediately fogged up with the humid air. We had a mild thunderstorm and a spit of rain during the game of soccer - very welcome!

The camp food is also free and plentiful. So I have lots to be thankful for. I miss my beautiful girls though.