Thursday, January 27, 2005

What a game!

Lleyton Hewitt defeated David Nalbandian in 5 sets. An epic thriller.
It looked all too easy after the first two sets were fairly comfortable wins for Lleyton. However David fought back (with the help of some fireworks that upset Hewitt's game). The last set went for over 90 minutes before Lleyton finally won it 10-8. The game at 9-8 was the first time a serve was broken in the set with Lleyton setting himself up for the win. Being the second server in the 5th set he was always under extreme pressure. Several times Nalbandian was only 2 points away from the win.

Now I have a difficult decision. Do I go and play basketball tonight at 7:30 or do I stay home and watch Federer vs Safin. I think I will go and rush home - the bball court is only 6 minutes away anyway so I won't miss much.