Thursday, February 10, 2005


I hate them.
I get all stressed - and then when the perceived fear doesn't materialise and I realise I did a good job and the client is happy I feel all better. I shall be glad when this week is over!
I have got simultaneous deadlines for three projects.
One finished Monday night.
Second I finished tonight (I finished meeting with the client at 1AM) but it really doesn't finish til Monday night and now I have extra stuff to do to complete it!. The third is due the 21st but I am trying to finish it early or it will get sucked into the next project and I will be back where I an now.

Basketball tomorrow night will be a great stress reliever.
I am starting to bust some good moves - surprises everybody - me included when they come off. Last week I did some big step layups from well outside the paint and came inside the guard then jinked in mid air and feinted the shot over the defence and then pulled it back and threw it up under his arm and it rolled in off the glass - did it twice so it wasn't a fluke! I think he will be marking me harder this week!