Friday, March 04, 2005


This afternoon I took the kids up to the empty grassy paddock near our place and sat on the grass while Miranda rode the Yamaha PW50 motorbike around.
Erin and Jadeen played with a gigantic grassy weed they found pulled out of the ground. It had gone to seed and the seed heads were fluffy and shining in the late afternoon sun. They decorated my head with them. Mercedes sat quietly in my lap almost the entire time we were there and just looked at everything and cooed delightfully. She is such a funny baby. Miranda had a ball and is becoming a fairly proficient rider on the flat. She fell over once taking a corner too tightly. She bounced to her feet and raised the bike up declaring she was fine. She got it restarted quickly and was on her way again. She revels in braking hard and skidding to a stop.