Monday, March 07, 2005

Soccer and LAN

Yesterday I ran the LAN and also went to a soccer carnival. I played 2 and a bit games (I was late for the first) and did pretty well. Its a new team and I trained for the first time with them last week. The team is comprised of a bunch of lads around 15 yrs old and 4-5 older blokes (my age and older). Hopefully we have the experience and the youth have the speed and stamina! We lost the first and second 1-0 and drew the third 1-1. I was particularly happy with the second game as the team we were playing was a lot better than us and should have beaten us by more. However we were able to hold them, and an unfortunate missed penalty meant we lost instead of drawing. I was playing center back and the opposing team had a very fluid forward line meaning that there were 4-5 players who I might have to mark, and then call the switches with the other backs. We had a fast young fellow on as sweeper and he was able to remove most challenges that got past me or the other backs - both of whom were also the older chaps.

The LAN was awesome for the first tournament of the year. After the initial teething problems with patching people to the same versions of the games we had a real ball. Can't wait til next month!