Friday, April 08, 2005

Getting underway on the move

Just like a tugboat slowly nosing a large freighter out of the harbour toward the open sea, so my wife is slowly chivving (yes this is a real word) me into action. I have actually started packing up my office (including throwing out things!) Me the hoarder extraordinaire (well not quite as good as the juggler) is throwing things away that might have been useful one day; but haven't been useful yet in the last (insert number here) years.
This weekend and monday I have a fair bit of work to complete for clients.
Tuesday we get the keys and I plan to move my entire office / workshop to the new house.
Wednesday we will move the rest of the stuff we are taking ourselves (boxes and small furniture). Thanks in advance to Tristan, Jamie and Cathy for helping.
Thursday the movers come and take all the big heavy stuff like the TV, big fishtank (tank and stand weighs between 400 and 500kgs empty), whitegoods, bedroom and lounge furniture and the like.
Friday and Saturday and Sunday we clean and tidy and sort new house.
Monday we hand in the keys.
Tuesday we have a rest.
Wednesday we go to New Zealand for 11 days holiday.