Wednesday, April 06, 2005

The injuries continue

I like these injuries. As long as I am getting these minor injuries I am not getting major ones!
Last week at training I was kneed in the head when keeping (giving a slight concussion which wore off by the next day).
Tonight I headed a ball (while wearing my glasses - cos I forgot my contacts) and the side piece cut my forehead causing some claret to flow. Nothing really.
As long as I don't break any bones or rip any tendons this season i can get cut and bashed all day. I can take that!
My first full game for the season will be this weekend as I was at a LAN last weekend. I will miss the next 4 also, 1 while moving house, 2 while in NZ on holiday and then the next one after we get back I have a LAN again. The team one the first game last weekend 3-0.
I am enjoying playing with this team. It is great playing with young fellas, about half of the team is oldies and the other half is 15 yr olds. The young fellas are so cocky and it is great to surprise them with skill, a turn they haven't seen you use before, or pull off a tackle when they thought they were in control of the ball. It is good for them to learn so that they are not too cocky when playing. The danger with that is that when they get taken down a peg on the field, they can lose their confidence and their game can go to pieces. At least while training we have the chance to encourage and build up that is much harder to do during a game.