Monday, April 11, 2005

Nearly ready to move house finally

There is a lot of technology in our house. So moving isn't simple unfortunately.
Fortunately we have a very good techie - who manages our servers, sets up the Linux servers we manage all our clients websites and email on and helps with the tech stuff.
There will be a scarcity of posts from me in this next week as we move house and get the servers all set up in the new house. There will be no downtime of this web site as the spyjournal sites get too much traffic to be managed on our server. They are located elsewhere anyway. However there may be minor interruptions on the other sites.
Here is a list of all the sites I either own myself or have set up or manage in some way.

Spyournal Home

Spy Journal Archives
Personal Blog
Excel Tips Blog
Blog Tips Blog
Tech Tips Blog
Urban Space Novel
Photo Archive
Parklife Soccer Club Website
Parklife Results
KROSTech LAN Parties
Jethro Management
Jethro Consultants
Oz Bush Poet
Miller Family Web Site
JAM Creativity
Cindy Maulkner
Extended Millers
Jono Miller
Dan and Pris Gollan
Rivers Baptist Church