Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Bizzare thing

Had a very strange thing happen today.
I had to drive from Emerald to Middlemount - some 150kms - after flying to Emerald.
About 10kms out of Emerald a white commodore came flying up behind me and then sat behind me for about 100kms even though he had plenty of opportunities to pass. I then turned off into a little town to pick up my lunch and he drove on past.
After driving out of the little shopping centre carpark - I saw him sitting in the side street with his phone to his head. I drove out to the highway and took off again. Within 2 minutes he was behind me again. I then passed a road train (very long truck) just before a hill with a blind crest - so he couldn't get past and then wasn't able to pass for about 2-3 kms by which time I was about 2 kms in front of him. After that I never saw him again.