Sunday, May 22, 2005

Busy and having fun

Huge weekend!
Came home friday night - got the early plane which meant I had dinner with the family - and then went to play indoor soccer.
We won 3-2 after a very tense second half. We had gone ahead 3-0 and continued to attack, allowing them to score two easy goals. For the remaining 9:47 minutes we defended to maintain the lead.
Saturday we went for a test drive in a Ford Territory. Very nice car and would suit our family well. Stay tuned.
Followed that up by picking up the new PC for Miranda from Computer Alliance. P4 3.4 Ghz, 1 Gb RAM, 160G S-ATA HDD, 6600GT nVidia Video card and a real sweet black and aluminium case with blue LEDs.
Following that we went to my outdoor soccer game where we won 2-1. I played sweeper and did reasonably well, clearing most of the balls I needed to. The goal they scored was probably my fault, though it was during a messy crimmage in the goal mouth after a corner.
Saturday night I went to a 21st party for the soccer club culminating in the FA Cup. What a match! Although Manchester United won on the field, they couldn't convert a goal, and after extra time the score remianed 0-0. For the first time ever an FA Cup was decided by penalty shootout, with Scholes missing a goal (the keeper saved it) giving Arsenal the win.
Today we couldn't go to church as I had to go and get a quote from my fish tank builder for rebuilding the fish tank (insurance claim). After that I finished building the new PC (am using it now) and then Jono came over. We rode the mountain bikes to the park where Jude and the kids were, they walked and biked the easy way. After that we went for a quick blat on the Warrior to go and set up some email accounts on a client's PC.
Jono stayed for Dinner (lamb roast) and then we watched the Eurovision Song Contest (Greece won) and next we will watch the Monaco F1 Grand Prix.