Thursday, May 12, 2005

Busy days

Had a couple of real busy days. It rained for the first time in months up here - they are rejoicing - they got about 2-3 inches of rain.
I have played a bunch of squash. Its excellent cross training for soccer. Im feeling pretty fit and strong right now. I have lost weight also with all my soccer training. Am now a good solid 100kgs. It feels great when other players try and run into me and they bounce off! Its great for challenging for corners. I usually challenge the keeper as I have a pretty good vertical jump.

We have been working on the new software for the business planning for the client I am at. In between times I have been doing lots of other jobs for othe people in the organisation. I daresay I will have this client for years!

Now I am going to relax by watching Stargate Atlantis. Awesome series!