Saturday, May 28, 2005

Good News Bad News

Good News - Liverpool beat AC Milan in the UEFA Cup
Bad News - I had to stay up til 2am to watch it
Good News - I went straight to sleep afterward
Bad News - I had to get up 4 hours later to go to work
Good News - I had work to go to
Bad News - the day dragged on
Good News - I got to head to the airport at 3pm
Bad News - I spent most of the trip arguing with hopeless Harris Technology about an order they were not going to fill
Good News - I rang the airport and got on the early flight
Bad News - I had to go into town and get some shorts to go to soccer with
Good News - I found just what I wanted at the first shop
Bad News - my phone is playing up
Good News - we won soccer 5-2 - I scored 2 goals
Bad News - I left my wallet in Ben's car
Good News - I still had my phone
Bad News - I didn't have Ben's mobile number, he wasn't home yet, and no one else in my team who had his number had their mobile turned on
Good News - some kind girls gave me some money for the train
Bad News - my phone refuses to work at all so I cannot ring Judith
Good News - the kind girls lend me their phone
Bad News - I left my phone on the benh at the station
Good News - no one else can use the stupid thing anyway as it wont work!
Bad News - the train ride is long and boring
Good News - Jude and the kids picked me up at 11:30pm
Bad News - we fought like cats and dogs all the way home over inconsequential things
Good News - we made up