Tuesday, May 10, 2005

My day

Up at 4am, travel by car 50km, travel by bus 0.5km, travel by plane 1000km, travel by car 150km, work, lunch, work, travel by car 44 km, unpack, travel by car 5km, eat at mess, travel by car 5km, play squash, work and sleep.
This was my day.
I am back at the coal mines, travelling 4 days a week to work. At least I'm not digging the stuff. Just doing business planning.
I have had a busy week since getting back from holiday. Clients to keep happy, website development to do for a new client, (Doug is doing most of that for me - thanks Doug), unpacking, running the LAN on the weekend etc.
I will use this week also to catch up on my reading of a bunch of my firends websites, most of whom are linked in the sidebar. Check them out. Doug is like me in so many ways that when we first met we thought we were each others doppelganger, Cathy his wife, The Blue Sloth and I share a love of writing science fiction and playing soccer, Angie and Krystal both have lots of kids like us and swap presents and postcards, John runs marathons like a crazy man (maybe he should see a shrink!) and Doug is in Vietnam. There are many others, all listed on the sidebar.
Thanks for being friends guys and gals.