Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Travelling again

The weekend was too short - as they always are...
I am back at the coal mine again. At least I managed to score the best room in the guest house with the only ensuite. I staked my claim last week before I left. Well done too because the house was full when I got here tonight and I would have been relegated to the crappiest room. The other stayers are only here for a couple of days where as I am here for 6 weeks or more.
I couldn't play squash tonight because my racquet is being restrung, so I updated www.jonomiller.com for my brother and then bought a new PC from Computer Alliance. Then I added some information about the history of CPU's to my tech blog, and now I am ready to hit the sack.

PS. Wifey posted another picture of the garden that Cathy covets.