Thursday, May 05, 2005

Working flat out like a lizard drinking

I am back into work and up to my eyeballs. Sometimes I get a feeling of panic before calm myself and prioritise the many calls on my time.
We are in the middle of moving all the websites over to our server again. Moving house sucks big time (and big dollars). Our ex landlords are being right $%^&#$% about the bond and refusing to release it to us. The real estate is frustrated with them and has got all their unreasonable complaints removed bar 2 now. Waiting to see the outome shortly. In the meantime thats $1140 I am waiting for. Some of the stupid complaints included a broken slat in a venetian blind (solution: we removed it and moved all the rest up one slot), a brown water stain in the bottom of a toilet bowl, the stove top (which was brand new when we moved in has been used and therefore isn't brand new anymore (19 months of use). They want it to look like new! It goes on and on. Anyway.

The fish tank broke while we were away. The BIG one. 1000 litres of water onto the grarage floor. Fortunately most of it went out the door and down the drive. However we are into a several thousand dollar insurance claim. At least the fish were all OK. Our house sitter discovered it while there was still a few inches in the bottom and the $500 of uninsurable fish were all transferred to a smaller tank successfully. There was mould over so much stuff in the garage when we returned.

The next 3 months I will be travelling to the mines 4 days a week. Good money, and lots of frequent flyer points. Plenty of time for working outside of client's hours from the motel or accommodation rooms. However it sucks being away from the family. I am seeing huge changes in relationships with all my daughters after spending the last two months either mostly at home or away on holiday. I really am grateful I have the opportunity to work from home. I guess I have to thank a number of mentors for that as with out their guidance I would still be working a job and spending 10-12 hours a day away from the family, making a pittance compared to the money we make now and probably still an alcoholic. Though of course I still am, its just I don't drink now. I have been dry for 5 3/4 years. I would probably never discovered blogging as I first discovered it at a business conference where I heard that the speaker had a blog. Within 3 weeks I had my first and now I have over 20 I am involved with!

Thats a huge catchup on stuff, and once I get back into routine of travelling and work I will post more frequently again.
Photos from the holiday will be done in the next two days on the millerfamily website. I promise. (Another deadline I have created for myself causing more stress!)