Thursday, June 30, 2005

5 Day catchup

It seems strange that I haven't blogged for 5 days on my personal blog.
I have blogged several times on my tech tips, blog tips and excel tips sites, done several posts on my brothers site for him and helped my daughter write her very first blog post (she wrote it - I just showed her how).
I have also done some work for a client (while at home), organised work for next week, done most of my finances for the end of year tax accounting and totally changed the colours on Dan and Pris Gollan's website.
I have watched tennis, gone for a bike ride, and played ball games with Mercedes, read books to Erin and played Monopoly with Jadeen and Miranda.
I have also played quite a bit of Ferentus with Judith and Jamie. It's nice going into an online massive multiplayer with friends to help you when you get into trouble.