Tuesday, June 21, 2005


I am up north at the coal mines again. I played two competition games of squash tonight. I lost both of them in 3 games and managed a miserable 9 points in each match. That's not what's annoying though. I expected to get thrashed in the first and beaten in the second. Both the guys particularlt the first one are way better than me. To compare the first guy I played thrashed the second one before I played either of them.
What annoys me is missing shots I know I could make, and not making good shot selections. I am playing probably as well as I ever have played, and playing up with these guys is part of that. It's not age or fitness (nmost of the time) either.
I think its the competitive edge has just gone. I just don't seem to care or want to win. Soccer is differnt - there I play hard and aggressively to win. Squash - nah - I enjoy it but can't be bothered whether I win or not.