Monday, June 20, 2005

Played 135 minutes of soccer yesterday

Saturday afternoon I went to play soccer, and due to being early I actually managed to play a half a game for the previous match due to one team being short a player.
I played at center back / center mid and got more touches on the ball than any one else in their team in the first 5 minutes.
After that things sttled down a bit. The score at half time had been 2-2. By the end of the game it was 4-4 so was quite a bit of fun.
Then I backed up for my team and played the full 90 minutes as center back / sweeper with the other chap who plays this position. We did let two goals past us, but we ended beating the top team in the division 5-2. We are now top of the table.
By the way the other team I played for was one division above us, but I think our team would have thrashed either of the teams playing. Neither were very skilful and their was no intensity in the game.
I really felt on top of my game yesterday, with skilful touches on the ball, goal saving clearances and headers. I totally shut down the center forward player on the other team. He scored neither of their two goals, that being left to solo runs by their center mid player who got both their goals.
I think I have just played the best weekend of soccer I have ever played - excluding the grand final I won in 1995.