Monday, June 13, 2005

Riding again then walking

Rode early again today - went up the trail I came down last time. Got nearly to the top before a client called - meant I had a good rest while I chatted to him in the middle of the bush.
Got to the top and started down the gnarly little jump track - met a lady partway down walking her two dogs up. She apparently goes out into the bush quite a bit to walk.
Got some better air this time and quite a bit faster also now I know the track better. Then I went a different way down hill but ended up in the same spot. So I chose another route out of there and as I jumped a creek I landed hard on a rock on the rear wheel giving me a flat.
No worries I thought hauling out the spare tube I carry and fitting it to the bike to discover that my mini doubleshot pump is no longer working. I think the seal on the ram has gone.
So I had a pleasant 3 km walk out of the bush and home.

Next job was to empty the LARGE fish tank ot - It will be going tonight - out of my life after 6-7 years. It is 1000 litres. I am getting another 400 litre tank to go beside the other one - same size and height. I am also getting hoods and new pumps.
Then I can split my fish up into the tanks and hope they breed again.

This afternoon we are going to Jude's mums and she will look after the kids while Jude and I go for a ride on the vibrating toilet seat. At least thats what Jude calls my Warrior.