Sunday, June 12, 2005


I went for a ride today. Forced myself to keep a steady cadence up the steep hill, and then when I got to the top I was rewarded with some gnarly downhills including the trail the chap was riding last week when he broke his leg. Had a blast. I didn't get a lot of air though as this was the first time down this track. Next time I will be hitting some of the bumps with a bit more pace now I know what the dowhnhill side of them is like.
Part way down I met a chap running with his dog. We have made a date to ride together Monday morning - looking forward to it! My GT Avalanche is working really well for me. I wonder what he rides. I know I prefer my hardtail to a suspension bike. I do have suspension on the front forks now - but I have it set as hard as it can go. I prefer to feel the trail and the suspension just takes the judder from washed out ruts out without making me lose the feeling of the track.