Sunday, June 26, 2005

RIP and Federer advances to round 4 at Wimbledon

My big blood red oscar died tonight. He is the last of 6 I bought over 6 years ago. He was nearly dead and not breathing when I placed him in the garbage can - knowing he would expire in 2-3 minutes as opposed to struggling on in the tank for hours. I think he may have a tumour in his intestine.

In other news my favourite tennis player Roger Federer advanced to round 4 of the Wimbledon championship tonight. He bet Kiefer 3-1, but it could well have gone to a 5 set match. He is such a casual player - ice in his veins I reckon. He didn't look even the slightest perturbed when he lost his service game to put Kiefer in the position to serve for the set taking it to 2-2. Instead he calmly went about returning Kiefer's serve 15-50 to win that game, then served his own game and then broke Kiefer's serve again to take the set and seal the match.
Can't wait to see him take on Lleyton Hewitt in round 5 assuming Lleyton makes it. I think he will as he seems to be playing more confidently with each match.