Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Star Wars Epsiode 3 Revenege of the Sith

Forgot to say that Jude and I went and saw the final chapter of the Star Wars Saga.
It was a bit of an anticlimax from a narrative perspoective, as we broadly speaking knew what was going to happen. I guess its hard to see episode 3 when you know what epsiode 4 is and not be surprised at the path of the story. However the movie itself was breathtaking in its expanse, cinematography and its pace. Some of the emotive stuff was a little slow paced and made me want to hurry it along. On the other side though I felt that the conversion to the dark side was way too quick. I don't know how else George could have done it though, so my criticism is really only my misunderstanding perhaps.

Personal favorites were Ben Obi Wan Kinobe fighting Count Dooku General Grievous and the clones - that was really good. Of couse Yoda and the wookies were funny, and the fight between the Sith lord (senator Palpatine at the time) and the Jedi was pretty good also.
The opening scene alone is worth watching the movie again for.

With subtle hints dropped I think the boxed DVD set will eventually grace my library shelves for repeat viewing of the whole 6 episodes.