Friday, July 08, 2005

British Explosions

I am always the last to find out these things - seeing as I don't read the paper, watch the news on tv and rarely check online news sources.
My life is easier for not having to mess with head with all that anyway.
Still the explosions in Britain are close to home to my cousin who lives in London.
I am really annoyed at the way the press and the foreign secretary automatically jump to the conclusion that it is al Qaeda responsible. There is no proof of this; just conjecture. They are making statements like "the attacks bore the hallmarks of al Qaeda"
This organisation's name - if it still even exists - has been used by the press and the leaders of these countries to build up the hatred against radical islam by putting a name to it. It is not an organisation, or even necessarily one person - the (missing?) leader Osama Bin Laden, who is causing this. What this is is total intolerance of another's religious views, to the point where they will kill to make their point.
There! Got it off my chest - now I can go to work.