Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Exploding head and rubber legs

My head feels like the pressure inside is going to burst my brains out through the side of my head. My legs don't want to hold me up. I am achy and grumpy - how grumpy? Ask my wife.
I decided to go to soccer training to try and sweat it out and that certainly helped. I felt useless most of the time, weak and somewhat disoriented. I did manage to get a good sweat up and felt better afterward.
Now I am lying on the bean bag on the lounge floor watching the State Of Origin Rugby League match 3 - the decider. So far NSW is 18-0. Not good. I am recording it for my brother who is in the Ukraine, else I wouldn't bother watching.
I did do some good work today though. In between other projects and clients, I have mostly finished the re-constuction of one of my company websites, Jethro Consultants. It has no information put into it yet, but I have finished all the configuration except the news feeds. Do you like the colour scheme? As you can see I am planning on starting some forums for my clients for help with various small / medium business questions and support.
I have also developed a test / sandpit area available for clients to play in and see what a drupal website can do for them.