Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Hanging on for grim death

I saw the absolute classic case of this today. I fed some woodroaches to my fish. In the first tank they lasted only seconds before being gobbled by the Managuense's.
In the second however they attracted scant attention. I guessed this so only dropped 3 in. The water currents sucked them down and one landed on a rock. It was in the full wash of the current and you could see it rocking backwards and forwards as it clung desparately to this false bastion of hope. Instead of swimming for the surface it hung on to the rock (presumably holding its breath) for several minutes until it eventually succumbed and drifted away obviously dead.

So often I see humans do the same, clinging vainly to ideals or philosophoies that they have propounded to themselves until they are convinced that they are true, only to have life wash them away when the falsneness of their ideas are shown up. Ideas like religion, good living, evolution, humanism, atheisim, even the good old aussie "She'll be right mate" approach to life and things eternal.
Check out this website thats shows in pictorial form what this means.
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