Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Sport Fest

I keep forgetting to blog about Roger Federer winning Wimbledon Grand Slam 2005. He totally outplayed Andy Roddick.
NSW just scored another try in the origin, now its 24-0. Crap!
This Friday our home AFL team the Brisbane Lions play arch enemies the Collingwood Magpies. I also will record that for Jono.
Every night at the moment SBS is broadcasting live coverage of the Tour De France. I love watching this being a bit of a cyclist in my past. It is an awesome display of teamwork and brute strength. I can't wait until they hit the mountains. Can Lance Armstrong take another title? What do you think?

Update - while I was writing this NSW scored again - this is useless. If I wasn't listening to Rampaging Roy Slaven and H G Nelson calling it on triple J (and recording it for Jono) I would turn it off. 28-0.