Thursday, August 04, 2005


So here I sit listening to a varied selection of music as I rip CDs.
Today I bought a new bookcase for my office and then promptly stacked all my software and music cds in the bookcase instead of having them sitting in packing boxes.
As i did this I noticed there were some I was positive I hadn't heard play on my music collection. So I decided to rip them while I blogged and read email.
Heres what I have listened partially to while they ripped:
  • One World Electronica

  • Tchaikovsky, Grieg and Mozart

  • More Tchaikovsky

  • Liszt Hungarian Rhapsodies

  • Ministry Creative Vibes 1994-2004

  • Heineken Music released by Ministry - Thirst

  • The Great Duke Ellington

  • Michael W Smith - this is your time

  • The Ibiza Sselection CD2

  • While I am into making lists I might as well list all the books in my current readng pile and to be read pile beside me in another small bookcase.
    Currently Reading in no particular order
  • The 5 Love Languages for Kids - Gary Chapman & Ross Campbell

  • Genesis in Space & Time - Francis Schaeffer

  • The Power of 2 - Anthony C Scire

  • Mind Siege - Tim LaHaye

  • The Magic of Thinking Big - David J Schwartz

  • RealLivePreacher.com - Gordon Atkinson (Personally signed by Gordon)

  • The Church Beyond The Congregation - James Thwaites

  • What A Daughter Needs From Her Dad - Michael Farris

  • World of Ptavvs - Larry Niven

  • Dare To Dream and Work To Win - Dr Tom Barrett

  • In the to read pile - no particular order
  • Growing the Distance - Jim Clemmer

  • Traitor's Knot - Janny Wurts

  • Soul Tsunami - Leonard Sweet

  • Eye Witness Falklands - Robert Fox

  • The Silent Cradle - Margaret Cuthbert

  • In The POresence Of My Enemies - Gracia Burnham

  • People Of the Lakes - Kathleen O'Neal

  • Winning Without Intimidation - Bob Burg

  • Time For Truth - Os Guinness

  • Your Health and Food Additives - Peter Taubert

  • The Gladiators - G J Whyte-Melville

  • The Pursuit Of God - A W Tozer

  • The Contented Achiever - Hutson, Crouch, Lucas

  • Travelling Light - Max Lucado

  • What Choices Do I Have? - Michael Kerrigan

  • Wisdom of the Ages - Jim Stovall

  • The First Book of Life Skills - Larry James

  • The Battle For Truth - David A Noebel

  • Dream Making in a Dream Taking World - Dr Steve Price

  • Focus on Your Dream - Jeffrey D Smith

  • Pelmen The Powershaper Trilogy - Robert Don Hughes

  • Series I am looking for a book in before starting. Please tell me if you can locate these
  • Gene Wolfe - The Book of the Long Sun - I am missing book one "Nightside the Long Sun"

  • Julian May - The Saga of the Exiles - I am missing book one "The Many-Coloured Land"

  • Feeel free to keep giving me books to read - just don't ask me if I have read it yet!