Saturday, October 22, 2005

Great day with Dad

Almost too tired to blog - but I just wanted to say I had a fantastic day with my Dad. As soon as I got home from picking him and mum up from the airport I took him out with me. We went to 2 clients, the dentist (to pay the bill), the bank, the shops and looked at fine china and crystal, a second hand book shop with 1 million books in it, a computer shop to pick up a new PC for a client, ate greek yoghurt and banana smoothies, Subway and McDonalds, and played soccer. At least I played and Dad watched. This will be the last game for a while for the indoor as we are not playing the next season of 14 games. We will sit out and play again the season after. Tonight was the 200th consecutive game played by our Parklife Soccer club with me racking up my 148th as the second highest in the club.