Saturday, October 08, 2005

My Birthday

I can't understand why I haven't blogged for 6 days!
I have been extremely busy.
Mostly relaxin!
Monday I rode the mountain bike up the hill and down again and through creeks and mud for an hour and a half. Tuesday I watched Fawlty Towers with Jude. Wednesday I played squash for two hours. Thursday basketball for two hours and Friday two games of indoor soccer 40 minutes each with no subs.
I did some work too!

On to my birthday. Today I turned 38 for the first time in my life! HA!
So far I have received a set of clamps from Jadeen and Erin (for woodworking), a board game called Mouse Trap from Miranda (that is fun!) and a fantastic birthday meal at the HogsBreath Cafe. Jude made an awesome mud cake, part white chocoloate and part brown. YUM! I know there are some more presents coming.

I also watched the prelude to the big race tomorrow, the Bathurst 1000 2005. It was pretty exciting qualifying and practice sessions, as well as the Porsche cup and some other races. One Porsche rolled at 280km /hr on the fastest part of the circuit right as the radar gun recorded his speed. The driver walked away from the crash unhurt.
Tomorrow I will spend around 9 hours in front of the TV watching 1000 kms and 161 laps being driven over the mountain.