Thursday, October 20, 2005

Reposted from my blog July 2004
This poem I wrote on 19th October 2000.

My Bride

I really am a good guy you know
I just didn't understand the meaning of go slow
I took no prisoners, made all the fast breaks
I didn't realise I was making mistakes

I chipped all the corners, scratched all the edges
Like a maniac attacking a pair of box hedges
Without concern for the bed I was making
I roused up the dragon, from sleep she was waking

Like lightning striking from a clear cloudless sky
I was hit! "why me?" was my responsive cry
"what did I do?" or "was it my lack?"
but no answer was forthcoming back

I pleaded, cajoled, ranted and raved
It was like talking to oneself in an empty cave
The dragon lay brooding, considering my case
And I unaware was making mistakes

I should have known better, should have learnt from the past
But sometimes that's tricky when life's going so fast
To take time to think - why how would that leave
Time for the rest when you live life at speed

The answer came like a brick from the sky
Smote me on the forehead, right between the eyes
Just shut your big gob and listen you lout
Maybe that way some things you'd find out

About this passionate warm loving creature
She isn't a dragon just about to eat you
But rather a fragrance, a gentle breeze
The sort that can appear then disappear with ease

To find her is rewarding, like uncovering treasure
She's challenging, my mate, she's sure got my measure
And if I take the time and effort to discover
She'll probably morph into a passionate lover

I guess what I'm saying is that it's not always easy
Sometimes I live like everything's breezy
I really should be stopping to think and to ponder
How I can nurture my soul mate and wonder

Why do I hurt her when I only ever
Want to love her with all my endeavours
This lady this special girl by my side
Hey there gorgeous, will you still be my bride?

(c) Timothy Miller 2000