Sunday, October 02, 2005

Soccer and Liquid Sculpting

Check out the amazing photographs in this website called Liquid Sculpture. Martin Waugh, the photographer, has captured splashes and droplets of water frozen in motion in some awesome photography.
I wish I could do this. Once we get a replacement camera I will give it a try.
The Blue Sloth will probably appreciate this as he is a sculpter also. Check out his work here.

Friday night I played an awesome game of indoor soccer. We won 7-4. I played particularly well, beating my man most of the time. I use the dropped shoulder step away, the look away pass, the step over the ball and use the outside of the foot to push away and a lot of strong body work. I set up a goal at half time that was awesome. As we prepared to kick off I whispered to Eugene to pass the ball forward about three feet and I would blast it at the goal. He did and I did missing by about 6 inches to the right only to have the kick off called back as we had gone too early. I said to Eugene, same again, only I'll fake it and pass to you through that gap.
The whistle blew, Eugene rolled it to me, I took a step and an almighty swing which I planted beside the ball not kicking it, and then tapped it past the lunging player through the gap and onto Eugene's feet. Eugene took an extra stride and was on the goal line only fumbled the shot and ended up with it on the back net. A defensive player rushed him and somehow he planted his foot onto the ball and while actually behind the mouth of the goal kicked it along the ground, it hit the keepers feet and went in. All up about 6 or 7 seconds from the whistle.
Another time I knew we needed a rest as we only had 5 players (no subs) so I took the ball into the corner and used my body to keep it away from the defender. Another came to help out and I had to be strong and keep it away from them, mostly by twisting my body different ways to where my feet were finessing the ball. Eventually as the second one pressed me from the sideline I faked heavily in his direction drawing the other defender who was blocking me from getting out along the goal line nets. I swivelled that way taking the ball along behind me and looked up across the goal mouth to see Pat diagonally opposite. I swept the ball across the mouth of the goal to him for a perfect shot at goal only he hit it high. I had some other moments that I enjoyed including some great saves while in goal. In my opinion it was one of the best games of indoor soccer I have ever played.