Monday, October 31, 2005

Wrap up

Had a pretty full on couple of days. Completed some work for some clients on Thursday night (Friday morning actually at 2am) and then had to go and deliver to them on Friday. The new PC wasn't ready to collect (it will be Tuesday) so I came home early. It seems weird not playing indoor soccer on a Friday night.
We did stuff with the kids instead.

Saturday all day was the LAN.

Sunday we went to church in the morning and then in the afternoon I had to go to the church board meeting to present financials. When I got home I had a snooze on the couch and then went and rode the mountian bike up the hill in the bush for an hour. I was able to get up the really steep fire break in one go today so I was happy with that. Came down the gnarly jump track and got some air. I still don't dare the big jumps though.

After that we played slot cars with the kids. Miranda came home during this (she had been away with her grandparents) and Grandad played briefly also.

Then I took some amazing photos of the sunset. Or should I say I took some photos of the amazing sunset! God painted a nice one tonight!

More photos.