Wednesday, November 23, 2005

My cooking at the end of a big day

Got up at 7:30am
straight onto computer to help an overseas client with website.
9:30am left for client i was supposed to meet with at 9am
worked til 1pm and went for lunch for half hour.
worked til 6:38
drove home
said hi to family for 8 minutes while getting changed
drove to squash
7:30pm played squash for 1 1/2 hrs
drove to mailbox
collected google adsense cheque yippee!
drove back to client
worked till 11pm
drove home
11:20 started cooking
11:44 sat down to eat and blog this

Now I love my wifes cooking but when I cook its usually a lot different.
Heres what I made tonight.

two thin pork steaks that I cut into strips - seared in hot oil (sesame and olive)

then I threw in
fresh vegetables and fruit
capsicum (red pepper) sliced
celery diced
pineapple diced
mushrooms whole buttons
chili chopped

dried herbs and spices
ground ginger


served on a bed of toast and grated cheese


Now I have to do a couple hours work before I hit the sack ready for tomorrow.