Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Here briefly and gone again

Why I haven't written anything for more than a week - or too busy to blog?

Blogging on my personal site is a twofold exercise for me.
It is primarily a record of what I get up to with links to photos etc.
Its secondary use is to allow me room to dump thoughts and ideas mostly relating to philosphy, theology, technology, community and other like subjects.

However in the last two weeks my priorities have been toward work and family. I have been working so much that every spare moment has gone to spending time with the family with only a few exceptions for sport.

We have had my sister and her husband here for the last 8 days also.

In the last two weeks I have done probably around 160 plus hours of work for several clients including four 20 hour plus days, played 4 hours of squash, ridden a mountain bike up a hill and down again, and then ran with it for 3 kms with a flat tyre, paddled a kayak about 4-5 kms in surf, gotten massively sunburnt, written some real cool VBA code for several clients, ran a 30 hour LAN party (which I stayed awake for the entire time), played numerous games of settlers, eaten a lot of food and drunk a lot of XS (energy drinks).

Now I need to get back to work.
See ya soon.