Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Lightning, Rubies, Secular Humanism, Cards and Catan

Check out the cool photo I got of lightning again the other night.
We have been having some awesome thunder storms. As they roll past the rain stops and we are able to get some excellent shots of the lighing in the clouds. This shot would have been 5-10 kms away.

On Sunday we didn't go to church: one I had to work, and two there is no Sunday School and the kids are a bit of a handful come 60 minutes in and 20 minutes to go, and three it was hot!.
I sat at home in the aircon and worked while the kids went to a museum up the road. They came home for lunch and after lunch we had "home church". I was very impressed. My wife read from Proverbs 31 and then explained it to the girls. It was great to see her in action!

Secular Humanism
I have a contract working in the city most days and there is a 45 minute train ride each way. I have been using the time to get through some of my reading list

Finished are:
# The 5 Love Languages for Kids - Gary Chapman & Ross Campbell
# Genesis in Space & Time - Francis Schaeffer
# The Church Beyond The Congregation - James Thwaites
and nearly finished (will be this week)
# Mind Siege - Tim LaHaye

I have been struck by the common elements of secular humanism in these books. Couched in the name of "science" this atheistic religion has pervaded our societies thinking in a big way.
I had not realised just how religious humanism is. The major proponents of humanism (as identified by their signing of the various humanism manifestos) have written numerous articles, books and other material including sermons, the Humanist Society of America gains a tax exemption as a religious organisation and more. Not only is this a faulty science because none of the major scientific tenets of humanism can be scientifically answered or explained, yet it is taught as scientific fact, but there is more than that. Using their flawed "scientific" theories they have indoctrinated our youth into believing and following their amoral, atheistic approach to life; where abortion is not murder of a defenceless child, euthenaisa and legalised suicide is not eugenics (a very dirty word) and teenage promiscuity does not cause an increase in venereal disease or cervical cancer. In fact the opposite of these statements is true.

God has called us to live an aternative "moral" life where we recognise our created status, and his Creator self and give him the reverence and awe he commands. After all he made both the hugely infinite universe and the smallest delicate flower petal. This is how the church is meant to live, and by this lifestyle promote a moral, loving alternative with a future as a contrast to the hedonistic, narcissistic, futureless bleak existence offered by the pagan religion of secular humanism.

The kids have come to the age where board and card games are becoming a hit with most nights seeing some activity round the table before bed. Uno has been a huge hit, and Sunday night Jadeen won again. After the girls were in bed I taught Judith and Jamie how to play diminishing whist, and then taught Jamie to play euchre. My goal is to get Jude and Jamie playing Euchre and 500 so we can enjoy some spirited card games. Tonight I taught Jadeen and Miranda how to play Uno (last card) with playing cards so they could start getting familiar with the suites and cards. They learn quick!

Settlers of Catan
My sister and her husband arrive next week bringing the hugely popular board game Settlers of Catan. Can't wait.