Monday, February 27, 2006

Abortion - more debate on RU486

I couldn't go past this one.
The local rag is continuing its debate - open to the community - via a blog on the RU486 "abortion pill".

Here is my latest comment:
First off I'm a man - I've fathered 6 children (two of which miscarried) with one wife.

My qualifications to comment on this subject however are not related to my virility, my lack of womanhood, or my (fanatical) religious beliefs. After all does society really respect a lukewarm (insert religion here).
And while it is my beliefs that lead me to my point of view, that, I believe, is still not relevant to this debate, and I have no need to include it.

No my qualification to comment here is on the basis of my humanity.

As a member of the human race I have a right to comment, as others do. I believe children - everywhere have a right to life. I believe woman and men have a right to choose how to look after their bodies. I believe couples have a right to choose how to reproduce.
I also beleive that as a society we have some higher ideals (call them morals if you will) imposed on us collectively.
We all agree that killing anybody is barbaric and totally inhuman. To take the life of another is not a right any human is born with.
Why the abortion of a baby human can be treated as any different to the deliberate cold blooded murder of another human, the barbaric beheading of a criminal, or less than the accidental death of a person in a traffic accident bemuses me.

In this electronic age we are subjected repeatedly to images and video footage of murders, deaths, shootings, and more, whether staged for hollywood or captured by "journos".
Maybe we are so desensitised to it that 80,000 - read it slowly - imagine each childs face as you say out loud - EIGHTY THIOUSAND CHILDREN are murdered cold bloodedly every year in Australia.

And we wonder why we haven't had rain.....
Surely the very land is crying out with the blood of the innocents!

Sorry - had to throw that one in there.
Maybe I can get flamed as badly as Merv now.

Where is the commonsense here?
I know there are always traumatic individual circumstances
I can spew forth a dozen from friends, family etc.

The principle has to be stated clearly and debated unequivocally.
Is it right - as humans - to sanction the murder of our unborn young.
Once we answer that question then the right to use RU486 - and the next wonder drug, surgical procedure etc - will quickly be measured against the principle and discarded or (God forbid) if the majority of our society agree, allowed on principle.