Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Cartoons of Mohammed

This website is the newspaper responsible for publishing them and has written a "We are sorry - sort of..." letter that doesn't quite apologise. Below are the cartoons published in Denmark's Jyllands-Posten. Click each image to enlarge.

Its a pity they have mostly been taken down by the main newspapers.
However bloggers will blog the cartoons and the stories.!

I am not sure quite what to think about the whole thing.
A lady at work said she wished she had a faith that strong that it could cause her to react that violently. (I think she meant that in place of the no faith she has now she wanted something!)
I responded with the thought that maybe it was because the muslims, who were involved in the riots and burning of embassies, had a faith that was so insecure that they responded that way.
In fact if their fiath was strong, surely a cartoon, no matter how vile or blasphemous would not and could not shake their faith.
Surely no religion that "encourages" this sort of mindless violent reaction to some misguided yet humerous cartooning can possibly be one of peace or security.
I don't remember that when the statue of Christ was displayed in a container of the artists urine that Catholics went out and burned any embassies.
Of course Christians understand that these symbolic representations mean nothing in eternal light, at least as long as we are not doing it.
I watched the movie tonight of the man in Africa who was raised from the dead after being dead for 3 days and the message cme loud and clear that the absolute worst sin any person can commit is to deny Christ - the unforgiveable sin.