Thursday, February 09, 2006

Good things

It seems as I mostly blog to whinge about my workload
Not whinge really - just that seems to be a focus
In fact this post was going to be about that.
So I decided - while I was logging in - to change that and make it a post about the good things that have happened to me recently.

My wife loves me - and valentines is gonna be great!
My baby turns 2 tomorrow - she runs to me when I get home
My 4 year old loves giving me hugs
My 7 year old loves to make things for me
My 9 year old wants to hang out with her Dad
I have a great contract at the moment and the bills are being well and truly paid
I am playing basketball and squash and enjoying them both immensely
I have had a lot of reading time while commuting (on the train) and have finished these books in the last few weeks:
Mind Siege by Tim LaHaye
The Church Beyond the Congregation by James Thwaites
Knife of Dreams - Book 11 of the Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan
New Spring - a Prologue book in the Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan
Real Live Preacher.com by Gordon Atkinson