Tuesday, March 21, 2006


I had the clearest vision last night.

We all know that it is the characater traits of a person that make that person who they are. Put another way, God gives us gifts or abilirties or character and personality traits, that when used correctly, He can use to advance His Kingdom. Alternatviely those same traits and abilities used out of control, or abused or neglected can assist Satan to advance his kingdom of chaos and rebellion.
I had the clearest dream last night just before I woke where I saw first hand the problem when we rely in our own strength and ability and thereby limit God to what we can do and not what He can do.
In our home group study last night we were talking about using the abilities God has given us and not hiding them or burying them. Sometimes we are so frightened of using our abilities, for fear of others, for fear of failing etc, that we just don't use them - remember the story of the 10, 5 and 1 talents. The bloke who buried his was fearful of his master. He was punished for for not even trying.
In my dream I was presented with a financial challenge to assist someone in need, and without knowing the size of the challenge burst out to the indifferent people around that we should help and do something for this person. However once I heard the size of the problem, which was $500,000, in my dream I rejected the possibility of success. And as I turned away I heard clearly in my dream the voice of God saying don't limit me by your thinking. Suddenly in the dream it changed to look at ways that the goal could be achieved and then my alarm went off.

Right now I am looking at some business decisions that could make or break me. I know I have the opportunity to do some big things, but if I let opportunity slide away again then I am limiting God's willingness to outperform me.

Do I have the guts to go forward in faith, to step out of the boat and walk on water, or will fear hold me back?