Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Wallace and Gromit, Corpse Bride and The Emperor and the Assassin

What a fun weekend!
Jadeen had her birthday party (photos to come soon) on Saturday. It was a fairy party at Hungry Jacks (Burger King). Jude made her a fairy outfit including wings. I bought her a lovely necklace with brightly coloured stones and a large cat’s eye on it.
A whole bunch of her friends and their mothers showed up and she had a blast. I think her favourite present had to be a Tamagochi. We have been regaled with the current growth status of her virtual pet ever since. Dad has had to be consulted for assistance with its teething, going to sleep and waking and also with pausing the device. We don't let her play with it all day! I took stacks of photos and will publish them on the www.millerfamily.biz website later.

Saturday night Jude and I watched the Corpse Bride. A great animated comedy / drama with an excellent musical like storyline and musical numbers. Very well produced and based on a Russian tale I believe.

On Sunday after church we had a Girls Brigade outing including lunch and a swimming pool. The kids had a blast and I taught all the girls how to do belly flops. Jadeen excelled once again doing awesome starfish belly flops into the pool.
Sunday afternoon Dan and Cathy and Jamie and Kristy Lee came over. We had a movie night. First we watched Wallace and Gromit, the curse of the Were Rabbit. Hilarious as always, the full length film was well paced and brilliantly created.
This was followed up for the adults (after roast lamb dinner) with The Emperor and Assassin, an art house Chinese film based on the true story of the first empire in China constructed in 221BC. This review of The Emperor and Assassin is spot on.