Friday, April 07, 2006

Books finished in last 2 weeks

I haven't been blogging a lot lately - I've been reading!
Books finished in the last two weeks are:
Raymond Feist - King of Foxes - book 2 of the Conclave of Shadows trilogy
Byron Preiss and Michael Reaves - Dragon World
Jim Stovall - Wisdom of the Ages
Robert Don Hughes - The Prophet of Lamath - book 1 of Pelmen the Powershaper trilogy
Robert Don Hughes - The Wizard in Waiting - book 2 of Pelmen the Powershaper trilogy

Started bool 3 of the Pelmen trilogy and purchased book 3 of the Conclave of Shadows, as well as the Ashuak Chronicles, a trilogy by Tony Shillitoe.
I also purchased Thud by Terry Pratchett for Judith.
I now am down to 29 books in my immediate reading pile to be read.
Working in the city and riding the train for 45 minutes each way is really helping get through them. In 5 weeks time I will be travelling to the coal mines to work for 8 weeks, flying twice a week for close to 2 hours giving me more time to read.

Now its off to watch a movie with Judith before doing some work!