Friday, April 14, 2006


Yesterday I wrote my motorbike off.
I had an accident with a car. Actually the car drove through two blocked lines off traffic out behind a truck into my clear lane and I hit him! - His fault entirely.

So the Yamaha Warrior XV1700 Midnight Edition is now in a tow truck yard waiting for the insurance claim to begin.
The frame snapped off cleanly from the impact. I fortunately was only doing about 40km/hr when I saw him drive out in front of me - about 10 metres away. So the impact, while nasty was not too bad. I ended up on the bonnet.
I was so furious I had to go and cool down for about 5 minutes away from the scene. I let others take my poor bike off the road and I just ignored everybody until I had cooled down enough to be civil.
Damage to me is minimal. I have a very sore left wrist (sprained) and a sore buttock where I whacked the car!

Photos of car and bike below.