Monday, May 01, 2006

Game Time

We have been playing a lot of board and card games lately. At least 4 nights a week we will play something with the kids. They have picked up the concept from being vaguely interested to being very involved. Games of Uno where all except the 2 year old play are great. The kids enjoy Guess Who as well. Miranda and Jadeen play Settlers of Catan, Monopoly and Diminishing Whist. Miranda has taken a shine to Squatters a great Australian game.
With Jamie and KristyLee and Dan and Cathy we have been enjoying some great games on Sunday evenings.
This Sunday we played:
A game of Squatter 2 games of Texas Hold-em Poker, a game of Canasta, a game of Diminishing Whist, 3D snap - also known as Egyptian Ratscrew (although we didn't include the lighter fluid and matches), a several games of Pass the Pigs
Jamie and Dan won the Poker 1 game each
Dan and I won Canasta narrowly defeating Jamie and Cathy
I flogged at Diminishing Whist by so much it wasn't funny. The others had a close finish for 2nd that went right down to the last card
3D Snap we didnt finish - just played to see how it worked
Cathy won a game of Pigs and also Squatters
Jamie and I won the other Pigs games