Monday, May 01, 2006

Projects completed and staff update

I completed 2 major projects last week. Billing for these in progress - hooray!
I now have my head above water and can start to progress some other projects I have had on the backburner. We now have some staff working for us on a regular basis.
Jamie is doing a lot of web maintenance and database management with the drupal sites. He is my point man there and I have a lot of training to invest in him so he can come up to speed and develop these on his own. In the meantime he is learning fast and I have several projects that will be progressed by him shortly.
Bob who lives in the UK is running some Excel work for me for clients here in Brisbane. That is freeing my time up to source more work rather than have to be writing code.
And Cathy is my resident physio providing much needed physio work on back and calf muscles. Fantastic! My back has been giving me quite a degree of discomfort lately related to my posture (sitting at a computer from 12-19 hours a day 6 days a week doesn't help!)
Rohan continues to provide technical support for our webserver hosting and development business.
Finally Lena has been working hard cleaning. She does a fantastic job and is very diligent.